If you could prevent a stroke, would you?

Of course you would!!  Located on the sides of your neck (not far from your jawline) is the lifeline to your brain.  Also known as your carotid arteries.  These arteries can “clog” the same way the arteries in the rest of your body does.  According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood institute, over half of the 795,000 strokes in a year occurred as a result from carotid stenosis.  The arteries fill up with plaque that consists of fat, cholesterol, and other waste products.  Conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity and lifestyle choices such as smoking also increase the risk of the arteries clogging.  Unfortunately, the symptoms showing carotid artery stenosis doesn’t appear until it’s an emergency and most of the time to late.

The good news…there is a simple test to show you just where your carotids stand.  Surgeons are able to open the artery with a stent providing blood flow back to the brain.  A simple 5 to 10 minute ultrasound can save your life!!!

Beginning in January, we will be offering carotid scans as part of the circulation check.  Let us help you to keep your circulation in check!