Vein Specialist in Mobile, AL, Uses Ultrasound Imaging



How to monitor blood vessels with ultrasound.

Our vein specialist in Mobile, AL, uses ultrasound imaging to find a clot or vein disease. An ultrasound is a painless test that uses sound waves to examine blood vessels and determine if they are working properly. It is also used to examine veins and arteries to find a clot. Using ultrasound imaging we inspect vein valves to determine whether they are leaking or functioning improperly. A valve problem results in venous insufficiency, which leads to varicose vein disease.

When you visit our clinic for an examination of your varicose veins in Mobile, AL, we provide you with the option to use our paper shorts or wear your own. If you choose to bring your own shorts, they need to be loose enough to allow examination of the very top of your leg. We apply an odorless, water-soluble gel to your leg to enhance the ultrasound image. During the exam, you may experience minor discomfort as a result of the pressure from the probe pushing against your skin.

Contact our staff to learn more about how we use ultrasound imaging to find a clot or vein disease. We provide varicose vein surgery in Mobile, AL, and other treatments to ensure veins look better and allow the blood to flow as it should.