Leg Pain Treatment by Vein Specialist in Mobile, AL

Leg pain can be the result of many causes, so our vein specialist in Mobile, AL, conducts careful physical examinations and reviews patient histories to determine the source of the issue. Our proven procedures enable us to learn whether the leg pain is a result of a problem with the arteries, veins, lymphatic system, nerves, muscles, or bones. O’Gorman Vein & Vascular also uses ultrasound imaging to help us diagnose and treat causes of leg pain by discovering whether the arteries and veins are functioning correctly.

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Pain, swelling, varicose veins, ulcer—if any of these symptoms sound familiar, then we want to find the source of your problem and give you the treatment you need to get you back on your feet. Our goal is to keep your legs kicking and heart ticking so you can stay in circulation. While they may not cause debilitating pain, we are also well known for treating spider veins on legs in Mobile, AL.

If you suffer from an artery disease, the amount and degree of pain you experience is usually chronic and most likely occurs when you use your leg muscles. You may also experience pain after walking a distance and notice that the pain quickly resolves when you stop to rest. Unfortunately, the pain will often return when you start to walk again.  Neurologic pain is not usually associated with activity or with being upright for a long period of time. Pain from neuropathy is usually described as a tingling or burning sensation in the bottom of the feet. Musculoskeletal pain is usually associated with movement and quickly resolves with rest. Anti-inflammatory medications typically help this type of pain.

If you’ve experienced venous or lymphatic problems, your legs will feel best first thing in the morning. As the day progresses, your legs may swell and you may experience symptoms such as burning, itching, throbbing, or aching. Problems from poorly functioning lymphatics generally cause swelling, but without the evidence of varicose vein disease. Typically, the pain is the worst at the end of the day or after you’ve been on your feet for a while. Resting with your legs elevated, wearing compression socks, and exercising are generally effective solutions for improving your leg pain symptoms.

Contact our staff when you need proven solutions for your varicose veins in Mobile, AL. We provide treatment for patients throughout Mobile, Alabama, and the surrounding areas.