Successful Vein Treatments



The vein treatments available today are more efficient and effective than the early days of painful, ineffective vein stripping. Proven results and widespread acceptance of image-guided, diagnostic ultrasound, and radiofrequency ablation technologies have made it possible for vein sufferers to get positive results in the comfort and convenience of a vein specialist’s office. Today’s minimally invasive procedures enable vein specialists to treat a diseased vein through a small nick in the skin.


Removing your varicose veins is a procedure that is used to close varicose veins and keep them from coming back. Your decision to remove your varicose veins is best made together with your doctor. You want to improve the appearance of your legs while at the same time reduce pain and other symptoms. Following are the benefits of today’s minimally invasive vein treatments for the closure of a single vein or for more serious, complex disorders:

  • Relief of Symptoms
  • Fast Recovery
  • Short Downtime Period
  • Visible Results
  • Relief at any stage – no matter the stage of the progression

If you care about how your legs look in shorts or a bathing suit you can have surgery or a procedure for vein removal in Mobile, AL, at O’Gorman Vein & Vascular. Surgery and other procedures are sure to reduce pain and other symptoms. However, the size of your varicose veins determines the type of treatment you might have. If you have larger veins, you are likely to have surgery or less invasive procedures such as radiofrequency closure or endovenous laser treatment.