Winter Is the Best Time to Treat Varicose Veins

Winter is the best time to have your veins evaluated and treated. During the cold months you wear clothes that hide your unsightly veins. In addition, varicose veins may worsen in winter because the level of activity and movement decreases. Without activity the blood may pool in the legs and impede its ability to pump blood back to your heart. But winter is the right time to prepare for beach clothes and summer fun without worrying about your vein issues. Some of the additional reasons to have your veins treated in the winter include:

  • Compression Socks Worn After Treatment. Compression socks or stockings are usually recommended before and after varicose vein treatment because they help blood circulate by applying pressure to the veins. They also help keep you warm in the cold months by providing extra insulation.
  • A New Appearance Takes Time. Varicose vein treatment relieves pain and throbbing in the legs, but it may take several months for you to enjoy the fully improved appearance of your legs. So, the winter allows you enough time to heal and look forward to showing off your legs in summer.
  • Progress Is Easier in Winter. It is recommended to avoid the sun for a month or so after varicose vein treatment. The sun may dry out the skin and harden it. Overexposure to the sun soon after therapy could negatively impact the pigment and cause it to darken before it has completely healed.

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